Wednesday, 13 October 2010

All together now

Last nights session turned out differently to the one I had originally planned. Due to knee problems following Sunday's race and I thought it best to postpone the hill reps in favour of an 8 mile run with the middle 2 miles at tempo. Conditions were once again good for running with a still, clear night and temperatures at 7C. and although the legs still felt heavy from Sunday, the knees stood up ok and it was a very enjoyable run.

When I first joined Blaydon Harriers the club was based at Blaydon Comprehensive School. Seven years or so ago, the school was closed and pulled down. The club then split up with different groups training from different sites. We had always had problems with moving athletes through from the youth section into the Senior ranks and this was further compounded when we all trained from different sites. With the result that the club has a thriving Youth and Junior section and a thriving Masters section, with very few Seniors between.

Now though, re-development of the old school site is complete - they have kept the track (although still not a tarten track - despite promises, negotiations, plans, etc) with new changing facilities, Gym, Swimming Pool and NHS Walk -in centre. The result being the Club is now all back together and hopefully we can start getting some seniors moving through from the younger groups. The Club needs it to survive!


Christina said...

Good to know your knees held up pretty well and that you had an enjoyable run.

And good luck on getting the Club to come together and survive. I believe it always take a number of committed folks to get the ball rolling.

Jenny said...

Sounds like it's great fun being part of a club. I've not quite got the confidence to give it a whirl yet in case I'm "not up to scratch" but have been thinking about it for a while.

Alan Dent said...

Most clubs have different ability groups so that you can start at your level and then progress. Also from my experience most clubs are friendly and welcoming - whatever your ability - and have a social side.

I would say give it a go