Thursday, 17 February 2011

Its a race to race

I am coming to the conclusion that training and racing are the easy part of running. Getting into the race you want is the difficult part,

The entries for this years Blaydon Race went on line this Monday morning and were full by 10.00am. Luckily for some, for the Blaydon Race (entry limit 4000) only half of the entries are on-line entries the other half are postal. So there is still a chance.

I have read recently of other 'larger' races where others have not been so lucky, such as the Brass Monkey half marathon. Where all entries were on - line and filled within a day, leaving some regular runners in the event without an entry.

Other races that I know of, which have filled quickly, so far, this year are the Northumberland Coastal Run and the Snake Lane 10.

Luckily, so far this year, I am on for a new pb, having so far entered 3 races which fill up quickly and got into each of them. Starting with the Snake Lane 10, next week.

Training wise it has been a bit hit and miss this week. Having struggled badly with a steady 15 on Sunday and feeling a bit under the weather, Monday became a rest day. Tuesday was 8 miles with 3 x 10 min, with 5 min jog recovery. Last night was 5 miles easy and the plan tonight is for 2 sets of 5 x 1 min.

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Christina said...

Good thing you got into the races you wanted. It's a big stinker not getting into races that you pictured yourself running in.

Feel better soon.

And good luck for all your races.