Thursday, 24 February 2011

See how it goes

Well with Sunday's race (The Snake Lane 10) looming it seems as though its going to be a case of seeing how it goes. Running this week has turned into a bit of a disaster. Having felt out of sorts during a shortened Sunday run, things have not improved much as the week has gone on. I seem to have cold like symptoms but cannot go so far as to say I have a cold and am feeling generally tired all the time. To add insult to injury, my knees have decided to start playing up, with pain just below both kneecaps and slight swelling to the right knee.

As a result I have only ran an easy 3 miles on Monday and last night 6 miles, with 2 miles at tempo, to see how things would go. I managed the 2 miles in 14.37 and felt I had worked a lot harder than necessary to run that sort of time.

Hopefully things will turn around a bit for the weekend

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Terry Lonergan said...

I'm sure after a couple of easy days before Sunday the energy will return and you'll be flying at Pocklington! Have a good one, Terry