Tuesday, 15 March 2011

In the same boat

Reading around the regular blogs I visit, and a few others, there are quite a few of us not running at the moment, either because of injury or sickness.

My week so far has consisted of the six exercices given to me by the physio, twice a day, and with another visit to the sports injury clinic due tomorrow I am hoping some development is apparent. I am still not pain free but I can feel an improvement. So hopefully I am ready for the next step.

Reading your blogs - Gary at Dunn Running has started back training and Terry at Running on empty in his post yesterday detailed his first week back from injury

Terry also compared the week to the same week 25 years ago, mentioning that he finished the week running the Calverley Half Marathon. I also ran that race 25 years ago and have always considered it as my breakthrough run. It was the first time I dipped under 70 minutes for the half marathon. with 69,28. I remember that at the start of the race, club mate Nick Jobson and Ian Hagen of Sunderland quickly moved to the front and I decided to go with them and just see what happened. Luckily I was able to hang on until the last mile, finishing 3rd. Nick won in 69.10, with Ian second.

I did the race as part of my build up to the London Marathon where that year I ran 2.26.00, a then pb by 6 minutes. I finished 1986 with a half marathon time of 67.14, still my all time pb.

Hope everyone is back fit, healthy and running soon


Terry Lonergan said...

Very interesting to read about the Calverley,Alan. My note on the race actually stated...."ThoughtI'd be higher but in view of the week and number of "unexpected" runners reasonably pleased"
Guess you were included in those "unexpected" runners. Well done!
I don't have a results sheet for the race ,do you?
Just be patient with this injury setback. Use the time to look back at the last couple of years training and see if you can pinpoint training or racing which in hindsight you would not repeat.
I can certainly look back to days when I "did other people's training" and suffered as a consequence.
See you at Catterick for the Northern relays?
Take care, Terry.

Alan Dent said...

Unfotunately I do not have a copy of the results sheet - only know the first 3 because when I record my races I always try to record winners time also, as a comparison.

Christina said...

Injuries and sickness definitely put a damper on running.
I hope you will be out doing your thing soon ... and definitely, doing it pain-free!

Natalia said...

Yes, it does seem as though quite a few people are either injured, or having motivation issues. You seem to be healing nicely, and hopefully you will be pain=free for the relays.