Thursday, 31 March 2011

Injury update No 2

Another session with the physio last night and although I am still not running there are signs of improvement. The pain in my lower back and hamstrings is just about non - existant now and my range of movement (single leg raises) seems to be better than it has ever been. As for my knees, progress seems to be a little slower. As for moving forward and maintaining fitness I am continuing the daily exercises and stretches, cycling and now can start on the cross trainer (but not using the arms yet) and the stepper. Time is running out for being fit in time for the North Tyneside 10km on Easter Sunday, but I am still hopeful that I will be able to run around, if not in shape to actually race. Following my post on Monday about angles of stride. I have been sifting through some old photographs to try and find a side shot which shows me at full stride, so that I can measure what mine is. The best I have come up with is of one from 3 years ago which shows an angle of 80 degrees. The problem is, it is not the best of photos and its possible that it does not show full stride. So once I get back to running I think I may attempt to get a more accurate measurement and then see if there is anything I can do to improve. Or will it be a case of being to late to teach an old dog new tricks?

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Christina said...

Good news on the improvement.
And it is never too late to learn new tricks!