Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Injury update

Following this evenings visit to the Sports Injury Clinic, it would seem that my two recurring problems, knees and hamstrings, although not directly linked, are a consequence of each other and my body trying to compensate.

In short:

Some muscles are well developed, others are not and are under utilised causing an imbalance.

There is some restriction to the Sciatic Nerve.

My right leg is weaker than the left and I have less control over the right side.

As a result there is to be no running between now and the next appointment in a weeks time. Meanwhile I have been given a series of back and knee exercises to do 2 and 3 times a day, and at next Wednesday session the physio will get down to some "work" on my lower back.

So, the Harrier League Cross country is out this Saturday as will be the VAANEE Cross country championships the following weekend.


Gary Dunn said...

Sorry to hear about your injuries Alan, the treatment on your back at the sports clinic should make a big difeerence next week. You did well to get to the sports clinic quite quickly unlike me leaving it for ages and making the injury worse. Hope all goes well and I'll give you a race to see who can get back racing first, seeing as you can't run for a week.

Alan Dent said...

Cheers Gary - and you're on - see who is back racing first.

Good luck with your return to training!