Friday, 4 March 2011

Running in Japan

With taking it easy this week and not doing so many miles I had a little more time to look at other blogs and came across one about running in Japan. There was an interesting post about the recent Tokyo Marathon. Where they described how a 23 year old Japanese runner, Yuk Kawauchi, finished 3rd in 2.08.37. What was especially interesting about this was that Kawauchi has shunned the Japanese system of being a' full-time' athlete, running for a corporate team. Fitting his training around a full-time job where he works 9 hours a day. Unusual for today's elite athletes.

As for my running it was an easy 7 miles last night, with the back and hamstrings becoming tight after 5 miles again and back to 3 miles jogging on the grass tonight.

If you are racing this weekend - Have a good one!

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