Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Taking it easy

The drive home following Sunday's race did nothing to relieve the pain and stiffness from my lower back and hamstrings. So Monday was an easy gym session with 5km on the cross trainer to loosen up followed by an easy 2 mile jog on the treadmill.

Although I went down to the club last night, I did not run with my usual training partners, opting for an easy 7 miles (8.30 pace). Unfortunately, my back and hamstrings started to tighten again over the last 2 mile.

Obviously things aren't right, so I now have an appointment at a sports injury clinic for next week.

Tonight I managed a very easy, off road, 3 mile. The plan now is until next weeks appointment, provided things do not get any worse, is to continue with short, gentle runs and plenty of stretching. (following the stretches recommended in the Pilate's book by Paul Massey which I mentioned last month).

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