Thursday, 14 April 2011

Knee idea

Actually I have got an idea - and a plan - and a relationship to rebuild.

Following last nights visit to the sports injury clinic, I was able to do 10 minutes easy jogging. My lower back and hamstring problem seem to be just about over, but the knees, although much improved still seem to be a bit 'cranky', and are currently taped up to relieve some of the pressure.

So the plan is for an easy 15 minutes tonight. A return to Gym work on Friday and Saturday, 15 minutes easy on Sunday, Gym again Monday, then on Tuesday join Luke at the track, where I will do the warm up with him, before dropping out and watching him through his session. I will also continue with the rehabilitating stretching exercises and icing of my knees.

I will then review the progress made and plan the next week, leading up to my next visit to the clinic the following Tuesday.

As for re-building a relationship - it was rekindled last night - I was gentle on my knees and they responded. But I need to now build on this and listen when they complain, learn to trust them once again and know they will hold out when I ask for that extra effort climbing a hill or the last push at the finish of the race.

And they need to trust that I will listen to them, be aware of how they feel and treat them with care.

Here's to a beautiful friendship!

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Jenny said...

Good luck with the recovery. It took my knee a few months to feel good again but with the help of a great physio, daily strengthening exercises and lots of encouragement on here, it's now well and truly recovered and is stronger than ever!