Wednesday, 4 May 2011

First one back

After a couple of weeks of easy jogging and steady running every other day, I decided to take the bull by the horns and see what state of fitness I am really in.

So headed off down to the track at Chester - le - Street. I like the track at the Riverside, it is located on the banks of the River Wear,next door to Durham County Cricket Club and overlooked by the 14th Century Lumley Castle (now a hotel).

As for the running I decided not to be too ambitious and plumped for 3 x 1000m with 2.30 recovery. It was a fine sunny evening with only a slight breeze and temperatures hovering around 9C. So all in all pretty ideal conditions.

As expected I found the session rather a struggle but I managed it and although legs were aching later in the evening there was no adverse reaction from recent back and knee problems. So that's the first real session in and now I can start moving forward again - Happy days!

For the record, the times for the efforts (and they were an effort) were 3.37; 3.41; 3.42


Terry Lonergan said...

Good news, Alan, well done. Pleasing times, surely? Keep laying those bricks, one by one, day by day!

Alan Dent said...

Must admit - pretty satisfied with session. Its a better starting point than I was expecting. You're right, just have to continue being patient and build up staedily

Christina said...

Looks like a successful run to me.
You are right about being patient and building up steadily. It is a lot of work to restrain myself from just going out there and run until the knee throws in a massive tantrum!

Natalia said...

Very nice indeed! Good to read that you are slowly building up again. Durham is very pretty - nice place to run.