Wednesday, 18 May 2011

More 600's

Following an easy 10 miles on Sunday my knees were feeling very tender.  So it was a gym session on Monday rather than a run.  Last night, however, it was a return to the track and another session of 6 x 600m with 2 mins jog recovery.

This time I did not set my target times quite so high, instead aiming to be more consistent and reduce the overall time taken.  The conditions were cloudy and overcast with a strong breeze down the home straight and a temperature of 13C.

I must admit I was pleased with the session achieving both the targets of being more consistent (a little) and reducing the overall time of the 600's by 10 seconds.  For the record the time were:

2.06; 2.03; 2.06; 2.04; 2.04; 2.05

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