Tuesday, 17 April 2018


As a runner I would never consider myself to be 'a miler' (PB 4.44).  But the mile is an iconic distance and one I believe should be preserved and promoted  within athletics.

I have posted in the past regarding re-popularising the Mile.

 In America there is a national movement called Bring Back The Mile, whose aims are to inspire Americans to run the Mile as the premier event in the sport, increasing interest in and media coverage of the mile.

But, the Mile shouldn't just be for Americans and should be promoted throughout our sport.  I am not advocating that the Mile should replace the 1500m but compliment it.

And, now Sebastian Coe has suggested re-introducing the Mile back into the Commonwealth Games...... "to create and celebrate our own heritage, because often we have events that are the bedrock of our history".

Currently just a suggestion, you can give your views via Twitter using the hashtag #bringbackthemile and hopefully we will see the Mile being raced in Birmingham and even possibly a number of other high profile events along the way.

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