Thursday, 31 May 2018

A step to far?

Is there ever a good time to get injured?  If so, then this is probably not it.  Having steadily increased my mileage over the last three months, the injury curse strikes again with only 1 week until the Blaydon Race and 4 and a bit weeks until Endure 24.

Although I was not quite where I wanted to be, daily mileage of up to 35 miles may have taken away what speed was left in my legs but was giving me a good base for the Endure 24 in Leeds.

Now with shin splints which cause my right shin to swell if I walk / run any sort of distance further than half a mile and a bursa developing behind my left knee.  It looks as though I have taken that step to far.

I am now relying upon, ice, Ibuprofen, taping, stretching exercises and swimming in a bid to make the start line.

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