Monday, 26 April 2010

Not just the wheels came off

Yes it was a bad day in London yesterday (at least for me). Had decided on race pace of 6.40, as I felt this was well within range and would bring me home in 2.54. Things started OK - went though first mile in 6.5o but that was due to the congestion at the start and by 3 miles was spot on target, as were the next 8 miles. Although I was not as comfortable as I should have been I didn't feel there were any problems. However, mile 12 was 10 seconds slower, mile 13 was a shade over 7 minutes and by the time I reached 15 I could hardly lift my feet. I have had bad patches before, but not like this and not so early. So I pushed myself on, but only succeeded in getting even slower, mile 17 was over 10 minutes and by the time I had reached 20 I was finished, dropping out at just before 21 miles.

Prior to the race I had thought that this would probably be the last time I did the Marathon, but can not end on a DNF - so back to the drawing board.

The rest of the group I have trained with - all had a more successful day:

Peter 2.58 a pb and first time under 3hrs - a great run, well done Peter!
Liam 3.16
Eric 3.29
Glyn 3.39
Brian 3.58

Well ran - all

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Terry Lonergan said...

Sorry to read about your experience, Alan.
Sounds like you just weren't well on the day rather than a problem with preparation or pace on the day? Hope you recover OK

Take care! Terry