Monday, 12 April 2010

Park Run

Park Run seems to be taking off all over the country and I did my first one on Newcastle Town Moor on Saturday. Park run is a timed 5km, in a race format, but very low key. The runs take place every Saturday morning at 9am. There has been some controversy surrounding the Park Run in the North East recently. However, anything that attracts more people to running and hopefully running clubs has to be a good thing.

Running seems to be having some sort of mini boom at the moment, however running/athletics clubs do not seem to be reaping the benefits. Take the recent North Tyneside 10km for example, a look at the full results will reveal that there were 1686 finishers. However, a more in depth look will show that of these 1686, 1254 were non-attached. 12 of them finishing in the top 60.

Anyhow back to Saturday morning, it was a bright and sunny spring morning, and a chance for me to have one last blast before 'London'. I managed 19.25, finishing 10th (1st M50). This is seemingly age graded at 77.17% (all of this information being emailed to you following the event).

Not the greatest result, but I certainly enjoyed the morning and will be back for more once I have the marathon behind me. They are definitely another tool for the training armoury. Providing the opportunity for a time trial type effort with some competition.

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