Friday, 30 April 2010

The post mortem, the plan and the future - To infinity and beyond

As you can imagine since Sunday I have dissected everything in order to try to establish what went wrong - so much so that writing this I am wondering whether the fact that Terry Lonergan, in his blog quotes Polonius from Hamlet whereas I quote Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story is significant.

Anyhow, I have also (on the insistence of Anita, my wife) been to the doctors and am having a blood test etc. But working on the assumption that everything is OK and It just went wrong on the day, the findings are:

- Too much too quickly - Having done very little last year due to injury I dived headfirst into marathon training and did not allow my body to adapt properly.

- Not enough races - Again last year only 9 races for the whole year and only 3 in the build up to the marathon (ok there were another 2 Harrier League cross country races - but I really only jogged around those). There is a difference between being fit and being race fit.

So the Plan in the short term is to have another easy week, build up training and fit in a couple of low key races - perhaps using the Parkrun in Newcastle. This should set me up for the Blaydon Race on 9th June, while I continue to build up towards the Yorkshire Wolds half marathon in July. Fitting in possibly another couple of races as we go.

Mid - term - keep racing and ensure that I keep the long 20 mile plus Sunday runs going at least once a month throughout.

Longer - term - The marathon and getting it right this time. I need to decide whether I should try to get into London again or run somewhere else.

So lets get started - its a warm sunny day and a gentle run accross the fields and tracks would seem to fit the bill as a good starting point

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