Tuesday, 18 May 2010

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At last some warmer weather seems to have arrived. Last night saw a steady five miles on the Derwent Walk in what is the start of my getting back.

It seems latterly that everyone has been talking about it and reviews in the Athletics Weekly etc have all been positive (no not my 5 mile run). I have started reading Charlie Spedding's book From Last to First and I have hardly been able to put it down - so much so I was nearly late for work this morning. I have also got a copy of Joss by Kieth Richardson to start when I do finish Charlies book. Joss is about the life and times of the legendary fell runner Joss Naylor.

Over the years I have read quite a number of 'running' books and some that stand out are:

The Running Man by Gilbert Tuhabonye
The Perfect Mile by Neal Boscombe
The Perfect Distance by Pat Butcher
Feet in the Clouds by Richard Askwith
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

Compiling this list it has just occurred to me that I have still not read what was considered essential reading when I first took up running and that is the book(s) by Ron Hill. I wonder if they are still in print?

Last weekend saw us have a weekend away and I have just been skimming through some of the posts from the blogs I have been following and one that caught my eye was from Terry Lonergan's blog Running on Empty where Terry suggests that prize money and expenses be diverted away from foreign athletes in favour of UK athletes. My club Blaydon Harriers holds the Blaydon Race which each year attracts 4000 runners and as such is the largest race in the North East after the Great North Run. In the mid 90's we started to offer expenses, prize money etc which attracted a number of foreign athletes, mainly Kenyon, who subsequently took all the spoils away with them. Last year it was decided that although the prize money would remain the expenses would not. Although we still had some foreign athletes in attendance I wonder if it is any coincidence that Ian Hudspeth's 27min 44sec run for the 5.9 mile course saw the first domestic winner since 1998 when Carl Thackery won in 27min 25sec (5.7 miles that year).

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