Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Still taking it easy

I must admit to still feeling a little under the weather and I did promise Anita not to do too much until had results from doctors, so still taking it easy. Which means Sunday and Monday saw a very easy 8 miles and 5 miles on the Derwent Walk. Although both mornings were a little on the chilly side at 7C the sun was out and the trees along the walk provided enough shelter from quite a stiff northerly breeze.

I went to the track last night, but only did the warm up and warm down. Instead of doing the session in the middle I acted as timekeeper for Luke and Eric while they did a session of 400's. At first this seemed like a nice easy time but I was soon itching to join in.

So it was back to the doctors this morning for blood test and ECG. There was some discussion as too my heart rate being so low (34 bpm) even for someone who is fit and have to wait now for results of blood test - so hopefully following next weeks appointment we can kick-off again!

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