Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Down on the track

Last night was a track session of 12 x 400m with 90secs recovery - As it is a little while since I have actually ran a track session (14 months) I did wonder how I was going to fair. So the target was to do the first six in 84 sec and then try to pick it up slightly over the final six - And the result:

85, 82, 84, 86, 83, 82,80, 81, 82, 78, 79, 78

A little ragged over the first six as I found it difficult to get the pace right but was able to pick up a little over the the final six as planned. So, all in all, happy with session and with a warm up and warm down around Shipdon Pond and along by the River Derwent a good 8 miles banked.

Mind you I can feel it in the legs this morning and my hamstrings are rather tight, but it is a beautiful sunny morning and a steady 6 tonight should sort them out.


Sunflower Kisses said...

Enjoy your steady 6 tonight.

Alan Dent said...

Thanks - it was a good run - warm and sunny with a light cooling breeze

Keep on with your June challange I'm sure you will do it - no problem