Thursday, 24 June 2010

Half term report

Since we are nearing the 1/2 way point of the year I thought I would have a re-cap on the year so far and revise / make some goals for the next six months. So lets start with the numbers:

Miles since January - 1416
Number of races - 9
Best times this year:

5km - 19.17
10km - 38.28
20 miles - 2.15.08

9 races so far is still a lot less than I would normally run. However, when compared to an injury plagued 2009 when I only ran 9 races for the whole year, then things are looking up.

Although every race I have ran this year has turned out to be the slowest I have ever ran that distance, I have still managed reasonable positions within my age group with 3 x M50 1st placings and 3 x M50 2nd placings.

The DNF at London is still a big black cloud hovering on the horizon.

Despite the frustrations generated by all the above I am still ENJOYING my running and can't wait for the next session!

Points to consider:

- Over training
- Possible medical condition - Still having tests following London
- Just getting older
- Just getting soft?

The next six months:
1. Keep things steady until all medical tests are complete, with only a slight and steady increase in mileage.

2. Race more starting with Leeds 10km on 4th July and Yorkshire Wolds 1/2 marathon on 17th July.

3. Target specific races :
Starting with VAANE 10,000m championships - 22nd September

4. Have FUN!

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