Friday, 18 June 2010

Round up

Well I have eventually been able to get a hold of the Blaydon Race results.

Although I finished only 17 seconds slower than 2 years ago I was a further 24 places back in 105th when compared with 2008. I also missed out on 3rd M50 by 6 seconds. So although generally pleased with the run I know it is nowhere near what I should have been and it does serve to highlight what I still need to do to get back to some sort of form. That apart, other interesting results and results of friends and family:

Ryan McLeod 4th - 28.44 - Ryan is son of Mike Mcleod
Ian Crampton 16th 30.58 - First veteran - and continuing his fine form
Phil Walker 37th 32.20 - Ex Blaydon Harrier
Daniel Flint 39th 32.22 - First Blaydon Harrier
Mark Hudspeth 42nd 32.47 - previous winner of Blaydon
Louise Wilkinson 56.29
Anita Dent 68.55

The aftermath of London continues - I had appointment at hospital yesterday which resulted in my having to wear a monitor for 24 hrs (last nights session of 4 x 2mins with 2 mins jog recovery may give some interesting readings) and am now awaiting an appointment for an echocardiograph.

In the meantime its a steady run tonight and tomorrow in preparation for racing at Newton Aycliffe on Sunday.

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