Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tempo Tuesday - a small step in the right direction

Last night was warm and sunny, and saw an 8 mile run on the Derwent Walk with 5 miles at tempo. The time for the 5 miles tempo was 30.18, which, at a tadge over 6.02 min mile pace, if my math is correct, would equate to 37.44 for 10km. Which when you consider that I struggled to do 38.59 for the Newton Aycliffe 10km just over a week ago is pretty pleasing.

The first 3 miles (3.15 miles to be exact) of the tempo run is the same loop I did as a 3 mile tempo run on the 25th May in 19.25. I covered this loop in 19.19 last night, with 2 miles left to go. Doubly pleasing!

Hopefully I can now transfer this progress into Sundays 10km at Leeds and reverse the current and annoying trend of running each race slower than the last.

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