Monday, 5 July 2010

Leeds 10km

It was a lot cooler than earlier in the week and although the wind was picking up it was not that significant. So it was a good morning for racing. As the hooter signaled the start I found myself struggling to get anywhere near the pace and estimated that I went through the first km in about 40th place. However, as I settled into it I started feeling quite comfortable and was working my way through the field.

As we approached the half way point where the route doubles back on itself I was able to count back and confirmed that I was now in 20th place. Still feeling ok I thought that I would be able to push on and pull back another couple of places. However, the approaching euphoria was short lived as by 8km I was once again struggling, dropping 8 places in the final 2km. Final position 28th, although 1st M50, in a time of 39.39 (yet another personal worst!).

The race was won in 33.04 by David Colishaw and congratulations to Catherine for her 55.20 (a minute quicker than last year).

Terry Lonergan in his blog, Running on Empty, has made recent posts about ageing runners finding it hard to accept the inevitable slower times and I must admit, although I was never a top class runner, I am finding it increasingly frustrating the slower I go.

Terry suggests 'by way of consolation' using the age adjusted chart to calculate what your current times relate to against your times as a 24 - 34 year old. So if I use the chart (see Terry's blog) then yesterdays performance equates to 34.23 which would have been good enough for 4th place!

I admit you do feel a little consolation when you first calculate the result - BUT I would still rather be running that actual time

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