Monday, 26 July 2010

Sunday morning run

As the majority of my runs this year have featured some section or other of the Derwent Walk, it was felt that this Sunday's long run needed a change of scenery. So a group of us set out for a run along the Tyne Valley.
John and Alan wanted to do 18 miles, while most of the others were looking for about 10. As I am still struggling I was non-committal and decided just to see how it went.

We set off from Stella, along the riverside path to Newburn Bridge, which we crossed onto the north side of the river, watching the rowers do their stuff below us. Rowing used to be massive in this area in days gone by, and now seems to be undergoing some sort of revival.

The weather was warm and sunny with a stiff westerly breeze. This meant a headwind on the way out. But at least the wind would be behind us on our return.

We headed along the river bank past Close House Golf Course and the birthplace of George
Stephenson and into Wylam. At this point those doing 10 miles crossed back over the river and headed back down the other side. While the rest of us continued upstream.

Just past Wylam the footpath ends and we took to the road as we headed to Ovingham where we crossed back across the river and into Prudhoe.

We then headed back east through Prudhoe Country Park, taking a detour around the back of Haggs Bank before arriving back into Wylam.

We then continued to follow the river path taking small detours at Clara Vale Golf Course and then climbing up into Ryton village, ensuring that we got at least one hill in for the day, before dropping down to do a loop of Ryton Willows and heading back to our starting point at Stella.

John and Alan added another 3 miles on, to take it up to 18. But, I was stuggling a little and was satisfied with 15 for the day.


Christina said...

It sounds like a pretty country route. Good job for finishing 15 miles.

Alan Dent said...

Thanks - we are pretty lucky where we love to have access to plenty of good countryside routes