Wednesday, 11 August 2010

10 x 400

10 x 400 with 90 seconds recovery was the order of the day for last nights track session. I am glad to say that despite some initial discomfort the knees held out well as I managed to drag myself around the track in:

78; 79; 78; 77; 77; 78; 78; 79; 76; 77;

I say drag myself around the track as in a conversation with Eddy after the session he said he remembered doing this session in 68's and sure enough a quick look back at my training log for 1997 shows a similar session in 68; 66; 66; 64; 64; 65; 63; 64; 64; 62; and I am sure if I looked further back there are similar sessions in quicker times.

But back to today and I must admit that I enjoyed last nights session and feel things are starting to come together. The knees are a little delicate this morning so an easy 6 miles are on the cards for tonight.

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