Monday, 20 September 2010

Fashion faux pas

Following the publication of the picture of Nell Mc Andrew and myself (see yesterdays post) I have received a number of comments regarding the 'ancient' top I am wearing. Comments such as "Tell me you were wearing it in honour of 30 years of the Great North Run" - thanks Simon, or "You must not have picked up any prizes lately" - thanks John.

Yes, this is a bite from me - This is not my normal sartorial elegance - I was only wearing an old top to keep warm and I dumped it before the start of the race.

Below are more images from Saturdays Great North City Challenge:

For more photos of the Great North Run checkout AMcDs Running Commentary and for further comments on the GNR see Terry Lonergans Running on empty and Francesca's Journalism blogs.


Natalia said...

Well it sounds as though it was a good race! Nice pic with Nell McAndrew. I have a workout dvd of hers that is still pretty good. In one of the papers she said that she ran 10 miles a day - and that was 5 years ago! As for the Iffley Road track....I lived opposite it a few years ago, and naturally went for a run around it a few times. Although no longer a cinder track, it still felt pretty special!

Alan Dent said...

I ran a track race inOxford a couple of years ago - unfortunately it was not at Iffley Road though.