Monday, 20 September 2010

Great North Run

Photo courtesy of BBC

Well I had the pleasure of Nell Mc Andrew's company for most of the race. Before the race started I asked Nell what time she was aiming for. The answer to which was just to see how it goes.

We went through the first mile in 6 minutes and then settled at 6.30 mile pace, passing 3 miles in 19 mins. At 6 miles when I checked that she was ok, she told me that she had been feeling sluggish but now felt she could pick it up slightly, which we duly did. My problem is that I am not quite in that shape at the moment so when just after 10 miles, Nell pushed on again a small gap opened between us, which try as I might stubbornly remained through to the finish. Nell got her pb in 1.26.30 and finished first celebrity - Great run Nell!. I crossed the line in 1.27.00.

If I want to accompany Nell next year I will have to get myself sorted as she has already told me that she wants to do 1.25.

At the sharp end of the race Haile Gebrselassie won in 59.33, with fellow Ethiopian Berhane Adere first lady in 68.49

But one of the performances of the day must go to Sir Chris Chatterway who crossed the line in 1.51. For anyone who does not know Chris Chatterway was one of the pacemakers when Roger Bannister first broke the 4 minute mile in 1954 and won Commonwealth gold at 3 miles and European silver at 5000m during the 50's and is now approaching his 80th birthday.

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