Friday, 10 September 2010

Hill reps and the results are in

Last night a group of 9 of us did a hill session in Derwenthaugh Park. The path through the park splits into two just after the lake at the foot of a hill, with one path becoming a short steep route to the top (about 200m) where it rejoins the other path which is a longer and more gradual route around the hill and up to the top.

So the session was for 8 hill reps, alternating between the long and short route, with the short hill jog back recovery. I felt a bit lethargic during the warm up but thanks to Eric keeping the pace up I was forced to shake off the lethargy and get in what turned out to be a good and enjoyable session.

As there is no lighting in the park, both the efforts and the recoveries got progressively faster as the night grew darker. So with a warm-up and warm-down it was a good 8 miles for the night. The knees are a little tender this morning - so a easy/steady run will be the order of the day tonight.

Finally all the results of the tests I have been having at Hospital are in and....... I am fit and healthy - no heart problems. It would seem that the problems I have been having are down to a virus and me not listening to my body and pushing on through it. I have been recommended not to do another marathon for a while to give my body a chance and to concentrate on half's and shorter distances in the mean time - at least they did not suggest I stop altogether. I must admit both my doctor and the consultant I have been seeing have been very sympathetic to my running, which has not always been the case in the past - the last time I had a problem (about 12 years ago) the only suggestion the doctor would make was stop running - needless to say I changed doctors.

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