Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Two weeks in the Sun - Palaiokastrista, Corfu

Well I am back from 14 days R&R in the sun. I covered only 34 miles over the 14 days (good for the knees), however, it was a hilly 34 miles (not so god for the knees, particularly the steep down hills), I did though finish each run with a swim in the sea (good for the knees) and as you can see from the photos the scenery was fantastic.

One problem I did encounter though was dogs. I have had problems with dogs in the past, while running (been bitten twice) and inconsiderate dog owners (another story), but unaccompanied dogs in foreign countries always make me wary. The first occasion, this time, was following a long climb up from Palaiokastrista to Lakones, a climb of 830ft. As I crested the top of the hill and followed the track around a bend, there in the middle of the track about 30 yards ahead was a bunch of dogs ( I Know the collective noun for dogs is a pack - but I am not sure if 3 dogs constitutes a pack). At first It did not seem that they had spotted me and I did not fancy being bothered by them, so I decided to retreat back down the hill. There was no barking so I thought I had gotten away with it. The next I heard was not barking, but the sound of them running in hot pursuit, as I looked around the distance between us was quickly evaporating. Luckily there was no snapping at my heels etc but they did insist in running between my legs and cutting just in front of me which made negotiating the long descent quite hazardous. The next morning I picked two of the dogs up again, even though following a different route and I saw them a third time, when happily for me, they were more interested in chasing a delivery van along the road.

Dogs aside though had a great time.

Since returning I broke myself in 'gently' with a hilly 8 mile fartlek last night - and boy - can I feel it this morning.

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