Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Under the streetlights and thought for today

As the dark nights continue to draw in, last nights session was back to running on the roads by streetlight. At 4 x 7 mins with 3 mins easy jog recovery, the session went well despite having to contend with strong winds and as the session progressed, driving rain. Autumn is definitely fast approaching. However with 9 miles in it was a good night. The knees continue to be a little tender but should be ok for the GNR on Sunday (sorry Terry).

Talking of which I received my race number and instructions as to my duties for accompanying a celebrity last night. It looks as though I will be having the pleasure of Nell McAndrews company again. I read recently that she had just completed a half marathon in 1.26, so she is obviously in good form.

As this weekend and the Great North Run draw closer so then does the publicity and hype that surround it grow. On Monday evening I watched a TV programme on the BBC hosted by Michael Johnson where he looked at the history of the run and talked to a variety of runners, fun runners and fundraisers about their experiences and about the pleasure of taking part.

No longer is the great North Run a single race but it has now grown to a whole weekend event culminating in the half marathon. Saturday sees a mini and Junior north run for younger runners and a city games, where elite athletes from GB compete against an Australian team in events normally held on an athletics track, in a town environment.

Surrounding the weekend are a series of art projects and events which celebrate and explore sport and art. Such as the recently refurbished and re-opened Hancock (now named Great North ) museum which is hosting an exhibition looking at the history of the GNR. Or the film 'Girl Blue Running Shoe'

As for the thought for today:

There is no such thing as over training - just under recovery


Terry Lonergan said...

I would LOVE to be able to suggest that you have a rest and let me run with the gorgeous
Nell but sadly don't think I could manage 1:26. Looking forward to the photo of the 2 of you instead.
Will you be dressed as Superman to her superwoman? Have agood one. Jealous Terry

Alan Dent said...

The problem is, the way things are going currently, not sure if I can manage 1.26! Not sure how Nell will be dressing this year but I have been given a fetching orange vest supposedly so we can be spotted easily ?! - or perhaps its a hint for me to be Tango Man