Sunday, 10 October 2010

10Km at 10am on 10-10-10

Today was the Hellhole 10km and probably like a lot of races today started at 10.00 So they could line up all the 10's - well I took it one step further by finishing 10th.

Again I felt very one paced, at least until I hit a hill when I seemed to come to an almost standstill (so I think a spot of hill work is on the cards in the coming weeks). My time of 41.59 is not the greatest (over a minute slower than the last time I ran it 2 years ago) but I do enjoy this multi-terrain course.

I have not as yet been able to get any results but I do know the race was won in 36.33 by I think Liam Taylor of Sunderland Strollers. I was 2nd over 50 about 40 secs behind the first over 50.

Congratulations to the only other Blaydon runner - Luke Aston who finished 5th in 40.59.

As I write this I am watching the Commonwealth Games, Di Green has just received his gold medal for the 400 hurdles. I must admit I have hogged the TV this weekend watching the Commonwealths - having been limited to just highlights during the week, its terrible when having to go to work gets in the way of things! but to date the most exciting bit for me has to be the last 400m of the men's 5000m.


Jenny said...

Congratulations on the 10km and finishing 10th! Sounds like it's a great race :O)

Suzy said...

Wow, I can't imagine waiting until 10 to start a race just so everything is '10' for race day. Congrats on your 2nd place in the over 50.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the GL.

Christina said...

Looks like you went a step further to be placed 10th on 10/10/10. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Natalia said...

Super job on the 10K, and on 10th place.....I am sure the hill work will go a long way to getting you back to where you need to be.
Alas, we cannot see the Commonwealth games, but we did manage to see the Paris Tours....pity old Cav is in would have been nice to see him win again!