Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Hill reps

As I have indicated in earlier posts that I seem to be struggling with hills lately, last night's session was the start of a series of hills sessions which will (I hope) start putting this right.

As this was the first specific session it was a relatively easy one which we shall build on over the coming weeks. The session itself was 8 x Crawley Hill in Dunston, with a jog back recovery.

The hill is 260m in length with an elevation of 50m and all efforts were carried out in 50 - 52 secs. and was an enjoyable session even though I found the hills quite tough going.
The only problem is that this morning I find that my knees are once again stiff and sore, although not swollen as has been happening. I will just have to keep an eye on the situation and the ice pack handy.
So with a total of 6 miles last night and a steady 5 on Monday it has been a conservative start to the week.
image by Running stock photos

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