Thursday, 21 October 2010

Magic moments

Arriving home from work last night I was determined to use the remnants of day light to get an off-road run in, as the opportunities to do so over the coming months will be scarce as the evenings get darker. I must admit that I did consider taking a camara but decided against it, as the light was rapidly fading.

However, having left the house I had ran no further than 3/4 mile, when as I made my way along, just inside the woods heading for Make Me Rich Plantation. I spotted what would have made a great photograph, with three deer standing in the corner of the field as the setting sun sank behind the trees.

A little frustrated and slightly annoyed that I had left the camera behind, I continued on. The route I had chosen was a circular one of 6 miles, through fields and woods and footpaths down into the Derwent Valley with a steep climb back home again. The skies were clear and there was a cold wind blowing, and as I made my way into the last mile, dusk had well a truly set in. With just enough light provided by the remains of the setting Sun to the west and a large, bright, waxing gibbous moon. You could also see what I think was Mars, brightly shining. A beautiful night and a fantastic run - Magic

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