Monday, 4 October 2010

Recession ends race

The Gateshead International Cross Country races have unfortunately been cancelled by Gateshead Council. this year, because of 'value for money issues'. This is rather ironic when Gateshead is supposed to be 'The European City of Sport 2010'. But, I suppose, only reflects the sign of the times. These races boasted many leading athletes as well as local runners but the Council felt that with numbers stagnating at about 1000 runners it had to withdraw from the event.

The International races only returned at Gateshead in 2007 after an absence of 10 years. So you never know - they may return again one day.

Meanwhile, it may have been a sunny autumn evening, last night, but the constant rain over the weekend had made the tracks into a mud bath as I slipped and slid my way around the woods of Pont Burn.

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