Friday, 15 October 2010

Wading through treacle

Last nights run was an interval session of 10 x 90 secs with 90 secs jog recovery.

The run took us around the streets of Dunston and The Teams as we did the Redheugh loop with 2 laps of the track added to bring it up to 8 miles.

90 seconds effort doesn't sound much, but it is sometime since we did short intervals and I found the last four efforts tough as the lactic acid built up and I worked to maintain my speed, while my legs felt as though they were wading through treacle.

Good luck goes out to Alan Storey in Sunday's Kielder Marathon and John and Glynis who are running the Amsterdam Marathon. Anyone else racing this weekend - have a good one!

picture by Craig Allen

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Natalia said...

"Wading through treacle!" I love it.....paints a very eloquent picture.