Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Hitting the Wall

Two blogs that I have read today, Julie at Hot legs runner and Terry Lonergan at Running on empty have both discussed hitting the wall.

So flicking through December,s edition of the Running fitness magazine, it was a bit of a coincidence when I noticed an article entitled 'New carb calculator could help runners avoid hitting the wall.'

The article reports that Benjamin Rapoport of Harvard University and MIT has formulated a mathematical model to calculate how much carbohydrate a runner should consume to prevent their fuel reserves running out.

The calculator has been developed to allow a runner to calculate their own individual caloric needs both quantitatively and specifically. In the past runners have worked on averages with at times only a vague idea of how to quantify their own personal fuel requirements and as no two runners are the same i.e. different weight, different aerobic fitness, different builds, etc. etc. the calculator allows the runner to calculate their own personal needs.

The calculator can be found at

If anyone out there tries this calculator I would be interested in your thoughts

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