Friday, 5 November 2010

Playing the percentages too long

Regular readers of these posts may have noticed that I have latterly been whinging a little about my knees and hamstrings, while at the same time trying to ignore them and train as usual. Well unfortunately, last night my hamstrings gave me a final warning, and this time I am going to listen.

Last night the session was 8 x 2 mins with 2 mins jog recovery, and as I was completing the third rep I received a rather painful tweak in the right hamstring. Deciding discretion was the better part of valour and attempting another rep would probably result in worse damage I decided to just jog the 3 miles back.

So its a couple of days stretching and TLC towards my hamstring.

If anyone is racing this weekend - have a good one


Terry Lonergan said...

Sorry to read about the strain, Alan. Obviously you will ice as necessary but you might find an over the counter gel/cream of use....I certainly's called HIRUDOID.
Costs about £5 for a tube. If they ask you what it is for say "bruising". It's magic!
I'm drinking far more water now than I did and also a bit of hamstring warm up before the track session. Seems to be working. No hamstring trouble for quite a while. But previously quite a lot. Hope you will be OK for your Abbey Dash. Take care, terry

Alan Dent said...

Cheers Terry - off to chemist at lunchtime.

Christina said...

Oh Alan, sorry to hear about the hamstring.
I hope the TLC will help a great deal.
Take care!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I hope your knees and particularly the hamstring sorts itself out soon. I'm with Terry on the gel/cream, it's worked wonders for me this week!

Natalia said...

Hi Alan, thanks for all the encouragements on my blog. Sorry to hear about the hamstrings....try arnica, it is very good - especially for bruising.