Monday, 15 November 2010

Too much, too soon

As per usual, for me at least, enthusiasm got the better of common sense. Following an easy 4 mile jog on Thursday, a gentle 2 miles on Friday and a rest day on Saturday, Sunday saw a bright, cold and frosty morning and I decided an easy 6 miles would be achievable without having an adverse affect my hamstring. - WRONG!

Just after 3 miles the hamstring started to tighten and by the time I had completed the run the pain had spread to include my hip and abductor.

So its back to the ice, anti-inflammatory's and stretching. As this Sunday's Abbey Dash in Leeds appears as though it will be a non-event as far as my participation is concerned.


Christina said...

I hate that your hamstring is giving you trouble. Take care, Alan.

Alan Dent said...

Thanks for thought, Christina. Guess I am just going to have to be patient.

Jenny said...

Gosh we're like the cranky club what with your hamstring and my knee. Maybe we should enter a 3-legged race and tie the dodgy legs together!