Friday, 10 December 2010

Treadmill running

Because of the poor state of the roads and paths and my continuing recovery from hamstring problems this week has been a self imposed exile to the Gym and treadmill running. Although the treadmill provides a useful alternative to running outdoors, I find that I get bored very

easily and start to sympathise with caged hamsters.

I can't understand those who prefer running indoors on a treadmill, rather than outside in the fresh air, with differing terrain and scenery - see
Terry Lonergan's post today http://runningonempty/.

Anyhow, following Monday's session of 5 x 400, Tuesday was a steady 5 miles, as was Wednesday. Only this time to make things a little more interesting I set the T/mill at an easy but steady pace with an incline of 1%. I then increased the incline by 1% every 500m. Last night I managed 6 miles with 4 x 4mins, with 3 min jog recovery.

Although I intend to return to the treadmill tonight, I hope to get back outside for a run at least once over the weekend, if only for my state of mind.

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