Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A lull between the storms?

With the return of more moderate temperatures over the weekend, it was hard to believe just how quickly the vast majority of the snow has melted. However, the paths are still covered in hard, rutted ice and ever mindful of dodgy hamstrings I once again opted for the treadmill, followed by a weights session. So another 5 miles on the treadmill, starting easy and gradually increasing the pace throughout.

Tonight is club night at the Harriers and I am planning to go down to Blaydon to train with the group, especially as the paths are a lot clearer down there. The (small) difference in height between Blaydon and Medomsley has a significant affect on the depth of snow we receive and it would seem, how quickly it thaws.

With the weather forecast predicting a return to the snow and freezing conditions from Thursday, it looks as though this may be just a brief respite.


Natalia said...

Sounds like you might be able to squeeze in an outdoor run.....mind you the treadmill seems all the rage now, going by the magazines.

Alan Dent said...

Even though it is usefull at times like these I still find the treadmill really boring after a couple of miles - but as I write this the snow is falling again so may learn to love the treadmill by the end of winter

Christina said...

I'm contemplating about buying a treadmill. But I am not exactly 100% certain I want it. :)

Enjoy your brief calm before the snowstorm. Have a good rest of the week.