Friday, 7 January 2011

Return of the white stuff

As the temperature has struggled to reach 0C throughout the day and this afternoon has seen the return of snow (although nowhere near as much as a couple of weeks ago). This evenings run is an easy 4 mile recovery run, off road.

This has been a good week so far, as I continue to build up the miles and start to re-introduce a bit of quality. Monday was a steady 6 miler, Tuesday 8 miles, with 4 x 5mins with 4 mins jog recovery. Wednesday, an easy 3 miles, as I was getting ominous twinges from the hamstring again.

Last night, I decided to stick to my plans, with a 7 mile run around Newburn and Scotswood Bridges with the middle 4 miles at tempo. I must admit a better description would be with the middle 4 miles at a brisker pace as I did not quite make the pace I would normally run a tempo session in. But at least I got the session in.

As for goals for the year:

Short term to continue the current build up slowly until fully recovered from hamstring problem.

Mid -term to concentrate on speed - as I have a preference for endurance work I tend towards those type of sessions.

Get back to racing, with a view to getting back to racing on the track in the summer.

As for targeting particular races I am still holding off making any decisions for another week or so. Until I see how recovery from hamstring issues progresses.

If anyone is racing this weekend - Have a good one!


Christina said...

And I am still wishing and keeping my fingers crossed that you will have a speedy recovery from your hamstring woes.

Alan Dent said...

Thanks Christina