Sunday, 2 January 2011

Seeing in the new year

It used to be that I raced every New Years Day. It was tradition for everyone in Blaydon Harriers to run the famous Morpeth to Newcastle. 'The Morpeth' was the oldest road race in the country but is sadly no longer with us. When I first started doing 'The Morpeth' it was a 14.25 miles but in it latter days the course was changed and reduced to a half marathon. It was also moved from its traditional date of 1st January.

Following the demise of 'The Morpeth' I have on occasion ran The Resolution Run, an approximate 10km on Newcastle Town Moor. This year like last though I have not raced on 1st January.

This year I saw in the New Year on New years Eve by watching the parade and fire works in Newcastle (there are some great pictures on Francesca's blog at if you are interested) followed by drinks with friends. New Years day was therefore an easy 3 miles.

Today saw a group of us from the club doing a steady 12 miles on the Derwent Walk


Natalia said...

Happy New Year, and a good injury-free year of running. The blog link does not seem to work...pity.

Terry Lonergan said...

Happy New Year, Alan. My record shows I only did the "Morpeth" once. It was 1976. 76th in 78.31. Very, very cold. Thick fog on the way back down the A1. At one point we were taking turns getting out of the car and walking in front of it to make sure we were still on the road! Very scary.
Hope you have agood year. Terry

Jenny said...

Happy New Year!!

Alan Dent said...

Thanks for the good wishes -

sorry about link to photos Natalia - typing error by me - should work now