Saturday, 15 January 2011

Weekly round-up

Thursday nights run of 8 miles with 2x2 mins with 2 min jog recovery and 4x1 min with 1 min jog recovery was sandwiched between an easy 6 miles on Wednesday and an easy 4 on Friday.

Today with strong winds (strong enough to bring down the power cables to our house, this morning) playing havoc. I headed to the Derwent Walk where at least there would be some shelter and did another 8 miles with 3 miles at tempo. I must admit I found this tougher than I had thought it would be. Hopefully it was just one of those days.

Tomorrow will be 14 miles with the group from the Harriers.

Having not raced for so long I must say I am looking forward to the Durham Cathedral Relays next week. It will be a short sharp shock, at 3000m a leg, but at least it will get me back into it.

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Natalia said...

What a great job running with that wind! Looking forward to reading your race report, so good luck!