Sunday, 30 January 2011

Chopwell Woods

Yesterday morning was bright, crisp, cold and great for running. One of those runs where the ice on the puddles cracks as you run across it and the frost crunches with every stride,

My hamstrings where in reasonable shape following yet another easy 4 miles on Friday, having been very tight after Thursday's fartlek session.

So it was a steady but hilly 10 miles, down onto the Derwent Walk, along to Lintzford then climbing up through Chopwell Woods before
dropping down into Blackhall Mill, then climbing back up to High Westwood and then up to Medomsley.

Chopwell Woods covers over a 1000 acres and is only a couple of miles from my home (photos all show Chopwell Woods). It therefore features frequently in many of my runs. It is a great place to train, especially for hill work as it is situated on the northern slopes of the Derwent Valley. It is a popular area for runners, walkers, mountain bikers and horse riders as well as for families just enjoying a day out.

However, grey clouds are looming. As part of its 'austerity' measures the Government is planning to sell off 15% of Forestry Commission land, of which Chopwell woods is a part, throughout the country, to raise £100m.

Or am I just being cynical if I suggest that the Tory's are just reverting to type, allowing the rich to get richer, after all buying a commercial wood has significant tax benefits in that no Income Tax or Corporation Tax is payable on profits from commercial forestry and it is also 100% exempt from Inheritance Tax.

Loss or restricted access to this facility will have a massive affect on not just the local community.

Any how, getting off my soap box and back to running. Today's run was a steady 15 miles on the Derwent Walk.

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