Monday, 20 June 2011

A frustrating week

9 arch viaduct - Derwent Walk

Yesterday's steady 13 miles on the Derwent Walk was quite a pleasing end to what started as a frustrating week.

Having got over enthusiastic following actually completing the Blaydon Race on the 9th June and putting in a few miles over the following 3 days, my knees decided once again, to mutiny.  This resulted in no running on Monday and Tuesday and a slow and steady build up to the 13 on Sunday.

Patience is obviously a virtue I have not quite mastered yet.


Christina said...

I hope your knees are behaving.

Alan Dent said...

Thanks for asking Christina - Just have to be patient and not try and do too much too early. Which is easier said than done for me. Hope your knees are holding up

Paul Tilley said...

Hia Alan, Erik told me about your blog-impressive man!so is the fact you are still putting major effort into your training after all these years, keep it up Al. Im still cross training, running and biking but more biking unfortuneately, although mentally I will always be a runner and a Blaydon Harrier, I really miss those days. All the best mate, Paul Tilley.

Alan Dent said...

Chears Paul - will get to chat soon, hopefully