Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Off the back

Unfortunately I picked up a cold towards the end of last week which is lingering on and although it has not prevented me from training I would like to think it is the reason I struggled in last nights session.  But in reality it is more down to a lack of fitness.

I again decided to go out with the group rather than a track session.  The session was a 9 mile run which included 6 x 3 min with 2 min jog recovery.  After the first rep I was off the back, trailing Liam, Paddy and Mike. Normally I would at least be able to match pace with them, but was left struggling in their wake.  But at least I got the session in.

Today saw a welcome return of some sunshine after a series of dull and miserable days and this evening  gentle 5 mile recovery run.

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