Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pyramid session

Following the exertions of the weekend last night I decided not to go to the track for the Tuesday track session.  But, not wanting to ignore speedwork completely, I instead, decided on joining the group running from Blaydon.  They were doing an 8 mile run which included a pyramid session 1 to 4 minutes and back again, with 1 min jog recovery between the 1 and 2 mins and 2 min jog recovery between all the other efforts.  I must admit I felt sluggish at the start of the pyramid but was able to work my way into it and pick up the pace as the session went on.

Feeling tired after last night though, this evenings run was a very steady 4 miler, by way of both recovery and hopefully not putting too much pressure on my knees, which remain in a delicate state.

Unfortunately I have not yet been able to find the results of Saturdays, Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon.

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