Monday, 18 July 2011

Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon 2011

My original plan had been to have a steady run around the course, taking in the scenery.  However, heavy rain and low cloud sitting on the hills meant there was not going to be much too see.  So with a slight revision to my plans, I lined up about 3/4 of the way back in the starting area aiming to go off very steady and try to reel in as many as possible.

As the starting horn sounded the volume of runners surrounding me on the narrow road helped me resist the urge to start fast and in fact in an unusual show of self control I did not even try to react as others came past.

After a mile or so when a lot of the jockeying for position had stopped I started slowly to work my way through the field.  By three miles I had passed well over thirty or so runners and at the bottom of the first climb there was a group of four about 20 meters ahead.  Working steadily up the hill I picked the four runners off one by one as the hill took its toll on them and the group broke up-

Just after 6 miles there is an off road section and as I picked it up slightly as we headed back down hill I started to recognise some familiar runners up ahead.  Slightly taken aback but pleased by this I gradually worked my way through.

Not having many miles under the belt in training I had been expecting to struggle over the latter part of the course and although my tempo did drop a little I still continued to pick runners off all the way to the finish.

As for time and position, at the moment, I can tell you I finished 1st over 50 in 1.31.07 (not a great time but one I'm happy with on the day).  As for overall position, I am afraid I do not know yet as the results are not yet on the internet and I am afraid that I must admit to missing the presentation due to sheltering from the rain in the beer tent.

Although I do believe that the first two home were the same as last year with Matt Moorhouse of Salford again taking first place (after missing the start and working his way through the whole field - he passed me at about the first mile) and Phil Taylor of Bridlington taking 2nd.


Terry Lonergan said...

Well done, Alan. Hope you still managed to get your prize and your knees are Ok today. Terry L.

Alan Dent said...

Thanks Terry - still managed to get prize. right knee slightly swollen but a rest day yesterday and a very gentle run tonight should see it ok