Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Another small step

I am trying to increase the mileage slightly again this week and it is so far so good.  Monday was a staedy 7 miles and this evening a steady 8.  Last night, though was a 10 miler with the middle three miles at tempo.  The 3 miles tempo is actually covered over a 3.15 mile loop along the Derwent Walk and around Rowlands Gill. 

The last time I did this session was June last year when I covered the loop in 19min 24 sec.  Last night I went around in 19.16.  So it looks as though I am getting back to where I was in the middle of last year at least.

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Natalia said...

HI there, I've missed a few of your posts, because suddenly life has become very hectic here again, and we have a lot going on. Sounds as though you are getting back into the swing of things....the last time I read anything, you were still struggling with an injury. Nice job.