Thursday, 4 August 2011

If its not one thing its another

Having shook off the cold I had picked up last week, the problem with my right knee flared up again.  So much for the plan of racing myself fit.

 Despite these problems I have managed to keep running though and have actually increased my mileage.  Although the miles (46 last week and on course for 50 this week) have been slow and steady rather than any fast stuff.

One Blaydon Harrier who has been racing recently and racing well is Hester Dix.  Congratulations to Hester on her 1st woman 10th overall position at Tuesday's Morpeth 10km in a time of 35.17.  Full results can be found at and photos of the race can be seen at Running Commentary

As for my plans now, well firstly to reach the 50 miles,mentioned earlier, this week and then hopefully increase the distance again next week but adding some speed work in, before having a couple of easier weeks whilst on holiday

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